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Tag: Sports injuries

Cheerleading injuries – what parents need to know

Cheerleading injuries – what cheer parents need to know  Rosemary Marchese – Physiotherapist and Schroth Physio for Scoliosis Cheerleading is growing in popularity in Australia, and with the cheer season just started, it’s timely to re-visit injury prevention tips parents should know. Cheerleading is a high impact sport, performed at a very fast pace for two-and-a-half minutes on […]

Get fit for the slopes!

                      Skiing and snowboarding preparation tips Rosemary Marchese – Physiotherapist The Australian Ski season is calling you but are you fit for skiing or snowboarding? While snowboarding and skiing are different sports, they both require loads of strength in legs, abdominals, back and glute (butt) […]

Preventing cross country injuries in kids

May 24, 2018
Blog, Blog Sport: Running

Preventing cross country injuries in kids Rosemary Marchese – Physiotherapist It’s cross country season at school and injury prevention is high on our agenda at Max Sports. Cross country running requires children to be able to navigate some tricky terrains at times over long distances. This requires the right range of motion, muscular strength, flexibility, […]

Stress fractures in kids

August 8, 2017

Stress fractures in kids Rosemary Marchese – Physiotherapist A stress fracture ‘is not a break’. Have you ever heard that? I hear it all the time. However, a stress fracture IS a small crack in the bone, which develops from overuse over time. It commonly develops in the weight bearing bones of the lower leg […]

Cheerleading injury prevention

July 20, 2017

How to prevent cheerleading injuries! Rosemary Marchese – Physiotherapist As the physiotherapist for Highrise Allstar Cheerleading I see firsthand how cheerleaders use their bodies in amazing ways. There’s a lot of tumbling (think back handsprings, flips, and twisting), jumping and stunting (seeing kids do incredible things in the air while supported by strong bases) and […]