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Sports injuries – Runner’s knee and how to address it

Runner’s knee – how to deal with patellofemoral pain syndrome Rosemary Marchese – Physiotherapist Sore knees are one of the most common complaints amongst athletes, even children.  It’s also common in older people, particularly as osteoarthritic changes set in. Patellofemoral pain syndrome is the medical term for the pain felt behind the knee cap (patella). […]


April 20, 2017
Blog Sport

If you love to run, it’s quite likely that you run a lot. With this comes the increased risk of injury. Some injuries will occur because of the mileage you clock up, the shoes you wear or from muscle imbalances and poor alignment. Trail runners face the added challenges of uneven surfaces and sometimes even slippery surfaces.

When dealing with any acute injury it’s a good idea to apply the RICE method – Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. If things don’t settle down quickly then you should get to a physiotherapist. If you think you need an Xray it’s best to visit your doctor too.