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Dry Needling on the Northern Beaches

Physiotherapist dry needling

Effective Relief with Dry Needling on the Northern Beaches

At Max Sports, we are one of only a few Physiotherapy clinics to offer Dry Needling on the Northern Beaches. Dry Needling has become an increasingly popular method of relieving pain and tightness associated with injury and other physical conditions.

We often include Dry Needling as part of our clients’ treatment plans because we believe in taking a holistic approach to physical recovery and rehabilitation.

What is Dry Needling?

Dry Needling is a treatment carried out by trained professionals, involving the use of small acupuncture needles to treat trigger points or knots in the muscles. It’s a sterile and quick treatment where the needles are not injected into the skin, hence the word ‘dry’.

Dry Needling causes the sore muscle to relax and release, giving the body the opportunity to accelerate the healing process.

What conditions can Dry Needling treat?

Dry Needling is effective in the treatment of lower back pain, leg and shoulder injuries, and can also improve joint range. This method has also been beneficial in alleviating headaches and chronic pain for patients who have tried everything else.

What can I expect to feel during my Dry Needling treatment?

It’s difficult to generalise the experience of Dry Needling as each patient responds differently. Usually, Dry Needling feels like a small sting which turns into a dull ache. Pain may refer down the arm or the leg, depending on how tight the muscle is.

How can I expect to feel after my Dry Needling treatment?

Some patients experience immediate relief whereas others feel pain for 1-2 days, followed by an immense relief of symptoms. Again, the experience is different for each patient.

Who is Dry Needling suitable for?

A variety of patients can benefit from Dry Needling, ranging from people who experience extreme tightness or chronic pain to people with Scoliosis.

Will Dry Needling fix my condition?

Extensive experience has shown that most patients experience a progressive reduction in pain as well as an improvement in strength and flexibility. Patients often feel like they are better able to do the exercises within their Physiotherapy treatment plan because their muscles are finally opening and loosening-up.

Dry Needling is a promising treatment with proven results. Our qualified Physiotherapists, have completed the Advanced Dry Needling Course and have experience treating clients with a variety of symptoms.

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