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Dietitian in Warriewood

Improve your health with our Dietitian in Warriewood

Dietitian appointments can be made directly. If you have a chronic condition, such as diabetes or heart disease, a Medicare rebate may be available for up to 5 dietitian appointments per year. Please visit your doctor or call our clinic if you

At Max Sports, we treat every patient holistically because we understand that physical conditions can often be affected by other health issues such as diet and nutrition. With this in mind, we offer an in-house Dietitian in Warriewood to provide advice and guidance on nutrition and health.

Our Dietitian, Amanda McCredie, will help you understand the relationship between food and health, and how eating the right diet can help prevent disease and improve the overall quality of your life. 

What Health Issues Can our Dietitian Help You with?

Our qualified dietitian, Amanda McCredie, advises people who struggle with: weight loss or weight gain; sports-related issues; scoliosis; and chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, Crohn’s and coeliac disease.

She can also provide nutrition awareness and diet support to families who are wanting to improve their eating habits for greater health and energy, and improved immune function.

Who Are Our Dietitian Consultations Suitable For?

Anyone who would like to improve their diet, eating habits or overall health will benefit from seeing Amanda. Also, people with re-occurring sporting injuries, and who suffer from body aches and pains, can benefit from looking at these conditions from a diet and nutrition perspective.

Amanda can help people of all ages, genders, nationalities and backgrounds. Perhaps you are feeling tired and lethargic, are recovering from illness, or need help coping with an allergy or intolerance? Amanda is here to help. 

What Can I Expect From my Dietitian Consultation?

Amanda will ask you questions about your medical history, lifestyle habits, diet, your current health and what you’re hoping to achieve. You will receive personalised advice to help you get started on the road to improved wellbeing, including either a tailored meal plan or eating guidelines. With this information in hand, you are well on you way to attaining your wellbeing goals. 

What Kinds of Improvements Can I Expect From my Dietitian Consultations?

During your sessions with Amanda, you will learn about food and nutrition and how certain foods can heal your body while others can create illness and inflammation, amongst other things. This information will put you in a better position to decide what foods to eat and which ones to avoid for you. You will also receive advice about grocery shopping, meal ideas and recipes.    

Amanda’s patients often feel empowered once they’ve been given a strategy for better eating and health; and report feeling so much better once they change their eating habits and follow Amanda’s advice.

Why Are Your Dietitian Consultations Unique?

At Max Sports, we believe in a holistic approach where we treat the whole body, not just the condition. We work closely with Amanda to develop a plan for bringing our clients back to optimal health.

Amanda has over ten years’ experience and holds a Bachelor of Sports Science as well as a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics. Amanda is experienced in sports nutrition, weight loss management, cardiac health and child nutrition. She is passionate about supporting families to improve their diet and nutrition, and hence the health of the whole family.

If you have a chronic condition, such as diabetes or heart disease, a Medicare rebate may be available for up to five Dietitian appointments per year. Please visit your doctor or call our clinic if you have any questions about this. Alternatively, you may choose to use your health fund rebates for these appointments.

Seeing a Dietitian can have incredible benefits for anyone wanting to get more out of life through a better understanding of nutrition and health. Contact the clinic today on (02) 8902 0508 to book an appointment with Amanda, or book online.