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Kids Strength Classes on the Northern Beaches

Kids Stretch and Strength Classes on the Northern Beaches

Kids love to be active and play sport, but they often lack the skills, strength, flexibility or coordination to minimise the risk of injury. To help combat this, we developed our popular Kids Stretch and Strength Classes on the Northern Beaches. Our classes have been very successful at helping kids, aged 7-14, develop their fitness and prevent sporting injuries.

Please phone our clinic on (02) 8914 0508 for more information about our fun and educational kids classes.

What are Stretch and Strength Classes?

Stretch and Strength Classes have been designed by our Director, Rosemary Marchese, to help active kids remain physically strong during the sports season. The weekly classes help children to increase strength and flexibility in relation to their specific sport, resulting in a reduced risk of injury.

How can Stretch and Strength Classes help my child?

Stretch and Strength Classes teach children greater muscle control as well improving their physical strength and flexibility. Increased fitness is extremely effective in the prevention of injuries and has also proven to be beneficial when recovering from an injury. Our experienced Physiotherapist will work with children during an injury, providing suitable exercises aimed at helping the child return to their chosen sport as quickly as possible.

What can I expect during a Stretch and Strength Class?

The weekly class starts with a warm-up, followed by plyometrics, sport-specific exercises, circuits, body weight training and flexibility exercises. The classes are led by one of our qualified Physiotherapists who are experienced in working with kids.

Who are Stretch and Strength Classes suitable for?

The classes have been designed for active kids, participating in some form of sport, from 7-14 years old. But they are also suitable for children recovering from injury, or who need to gain greater flexibility and strength in general.

In our classes, we have seen fast runners who have little hip muscle strength and stability, resulting in hip, back, knee or ankle injuries. We also see a lot of children who have poor posture, due to increased time on electronic devices. Our classes help these children gain greater strength, increased flexibility and improved posture.

Why are Your Stretch and Strength Classes Unique?

Our Stretch and Strength Classes are unique because they are run by a qualified Physiotherapist, giving your child the best possible physical attention. It also means our classes are open to health fund rebates.

Our Stretch and Strength Classes are a fun and educational way for kids to increase strength and gain greater flexibility to help them improve sports performance, reduce injury risk and manage injury recovery. We can also incorporate specific sporting goals such as increasing leg strength to help achieve more speed on the soccer field.

Contact the Max Sports Physiotherapy clinic today on (02) 8914 0508 to find out more about our Stretch and Strength Classes and let’s get your active kid on the right track!

Cook, Eat, Move

We also run our fun Cook Eat Move Classes during the school holidays to teach kids about the importance of good nutrition to their physical health, while keeping their hands busy making healthy snacks and meals. This school holiday program is run by one of our qualified Physiotherapists, in partnership with our in-house Dietitian, who are both experienced at working with kids.

Developed and run by a dietitian and physiotherapist, this program is a fun way for children to learn about food, their bodies and get their hands busy making snacks or meals.