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Initial physiotherapy consults are approximately 45 minutes. Please arrive 5 minutes early to ensure time to fill in your consent form. We recommend wearing suitable clothing for your assessment, for example shorts for lower limb and pelvic injuries and singlets for shoulder and neck problems. Alternatively, gowns are available.

Follow up appointments, if required, are approximately 30 minutes. However, sometimes we may need you a little longer. Your physiotherapist will work with you to devise the best treatment plan.

Longer initial or standard consultations are available for treating more than one area or for Scoliosis specific Schroth physiotherapy.

Schroth Physiotherapy – Scoliosis Assessments & Treatments

What is Schroth specific physiotherapy for Scoliosis?

Rosemary Marchese trained in New York in the Schroth Method for the conservative (non- surgical management) of scoliosis, kyphosis, and postural related issues. Schroth therapy can play an integral role in minimising the risk of progression and the need for surgery secondary to the scoliosis, as well as improving lung and digestive function, independence with activities of daily living, musculoskeletal symmetry and balance and more. More information.

Children’s Classes

Stretch and Strength Class

Our ‘Stretch and Strength’ classes were developed because of the growing number of children presenting with injuries from their chosen sport/s. Kids can often be great at sport but lack the fundamental skills, strength, flexibility or coordination to minimise the risk of injury. We have assessed fast runners who have very little hip muscle strength and stability resulting in hip, back, knees or ankle injuries. We are also seeing more kids developing poor posture due to increased time on electronic devices.

Classes are run by our physiotherapy team to ensure exercises are developed specific to the needs of the children in the group. ‘Stretch and Strength’ classes are also suitable for less active kids who need to build up their fitness and improve their posture.

Kids’ Cook, Eat, Move Class

This is a School Holiday program.

Developed and run by a dietitian and physiotherapist, this program is a fun way for children to learn about food, their bodies and get their hands busy making snacks or meals.

Dietitian’s Consultations

Dietitian appointments can be made directly. If you have a chronic condition, such as diabetes or heart disease, a Medicare rebate may be available for up to 5 dietitian appointments per year. Please visit your doctor or call our clinic if you have any questions about this. Alternatively, you may choose to use your health fund rebates for these appointments.