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Constipation – What’s the Big Deal?

Constipation – What’s the Big Deal? By Kylie Dowling (Nutritionist) Your body works in truly wonderful and amazing ways, but we can thank a lot of our health – and ill-health – to what comes out! While so many people are jumping into ‘detox’ programs, did you know that your body has many different detoxification […]

Recipe: Poached Salmon in Miso

Poached Salmon in Miso Delicious and Nutritious Recipe for Winter! By Nutritionist Kylie Dowling Ingredients 600 mL filtered water 3 heap tbs white miso paste 300 g wild caught salmon 2 cups mixed Asian greens (Bok Choy, Pak Choy, Chinese broccoli) 100g shiitake mushrooms sliced 100g brown mushrooms sliced 5 cm ginger sliced bean shouts, coriander, red […]